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  • free & easy
    The App is free to download and easy to get started. Download it and sign up by submitting mobile number and Password of your choice and email-id. Retype password to confirm. Submitting a display picture and self-description are optional, but highly recommended. That's all and your mobile experience gets transformed!
  • mutual contacts
    Calls from Unknown numbers are a mobile user's quandary. Not all Unknowns are unwanted but there is no way to filter them. Not any more! Mutual Caller lists Mutual Contacts – common friends, if any, of you and the unknown caller. Unknown calls with at least one mutual contact are shown in Green. Those with no Mutual Contacts are in Yellow / Orange. That's a colourful solution to a tricky issue!
  • colour code
    Call classification is made simple with colours. Calls from phone contacts are displayed in Green. Calls from Unknown numbers with one or more mutual contacts also are shown in Green. Unknown callers with no mutual contacts are shown in Yellow / Orange. Numbers reported by users as Spam are shown in Red.
  • DP delight
    One picture is worth a thousand words! Change your display picture at any time and delight your friends. It's easy and so much fun! Any time you wish to change your profile picture, you can do it by just clicking on it and selecting the Edit option. This feature allows you to surprise your friends with colourful updates of your travel and special occasions and celebrations.
  • Call log & Profile
    The Mutual Caller call log page displays call history in chronological order with details of time and day of the call. For easy identification, call numbers are colour coded. Also, symbols in circles on the left indicate call category – incoming, outgoing, rejected and missed. One press on a caller's name will show caller's display picture and self-description lines. Pop up also displays options to Call, Message ,Save Contact and Block.
  • 24x7 Access to Contacts data
    If your phone is temporarily unavailable (damaged, dead or lost) just grab your friend's mobile and use the Virtual Sign option in Mutual Caller Menu, sign in using your credentials (number & password) and voila! all your mobile contacts show up. Make calls or note down numbers but remember to sign out before returning the mobile. This unique feature is also available on the web at .
How it Works
download app
A whole new way of mobile experience awaits you. Download Mutual Caller from Google Play Store, install and Sign Up. You need to submit your mobile number, user name, password, and mail id id. You also have the option to add profile picture and provide brief description about yourself. Identification of Mutual Contacts and 24x7 access to mobile contacts data from any mobile is the smartest solution for enhanced smart phone experience.
mutual contacts
Every time you get a call, Mutual Caller lists common contacts of yours and the caller. In case of Unknown calls, this feature helps you take a quick thought-out decision on accepting or ignoring the call. Unknown calls with Mutual Contacts are most likely your contacts using alternative numbers or someone referred by your friend. So, such unknown calls are displayed in Green. In case of calls from known contacts, mutual contacts can be fun as you might just end up discovering new connections with old friends!
virtual sign in
When your mobile is dead, damaged, lost or misplaced, Virtual Sign In helps you access mobile contacts data. You have 24x7, anytime access to contacts info. Just use your friend’s mobile to see your mobile contacts. All you need to do is to go to Virtual Sign In option in the menu of Mutual Caller and feed your credentials to get access to your data. You can avail the option on the web too at
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